Naturally Ingrained 'Rejenerates' new life into reclaimed timber and materials, creating timeless custom timber designs. You only need to look through their portfolio to see that it’s apparent that they both have a passion for woodwork and design. Each piece is designed to carefully preserve and highlight the natural beauty and character of the wood.


The 'Anchor' in their logo mimics their first-ever sold item, and reminds them to keep grounded. Naturally Ingrained Designs has evolved from classic home decor pieces, to now creating innovative home and commercial furniture designs and installations. This includes several office and café fit outs, items featuring in retail stores, as well as unique one off creations that they have collaborated on with our clients. Latest ventures have seen a combination of the great outdoors with our earthy materials through extensive landscaping and timber artistry skills.


Naturally Ingrained Designs started working with reclaimed soft timbers in the beginning, as it was cheaper and easily accessible, but very quickly progressed to hardwood and timber slabs to guarantee uniqueness, where their designs will forever be in style and built to last. Both Jenna and Renee ensure that there timber selections have derived from ethically-salvaged timber sources such as Fallen trees and reclaimed building materials.  

Naturally Ingrained Designs keep evolving with the times infusing traditional craftsmanship with modern designs, effortless beauty and functional simplicity through the use of clean lines and uncomplicated finishes, creating a sustainable business which sees them using "our heads, our hearts and our hands" to ensure Naturally Ingrained Designs is a long-lasting household name.